Van David Interiors Pty Ltd is a dynamic and innovative Australian Plastering Company specialising in all Plasterboard works. The company has been operating since 2009. We create sustainable, quality and award-winning interior and external surfaces showcasing the next generation in design and technologies.

We see our relationship with our clients as a partnership. Your success is our success. Van David’s sole priority is providing its services to the utmost highest quality, and going above and beyond any expectation for our client. All of these are a testament in the director’s leadership and direction of the team.

At Van David, we take pride in our work, liasing closely with our clients to achieve vibrant and productive spaces, constructing state of the art developments: including hospitals, warehouses, arts precincts, retail and residential spaces.

Our Values


We are committed to a vision of Incident and Injury free work environments. Our commitment is supported by our belief which holds the safety of people as first in all our business reviews and decisions.


We seek, and are committed to operating to your timelines and are efficient at meeting tight deadlines.


We strive to find the best solutions possible, operating to budgetary guidelines whilst still achieving outstanding outcomes.


We instil trust by being accountable and are open and transparent in all our interactions.

About the Director

Jovan Davidovic, with more than 18 years experience in the property industry has worked extensively throughout Australia. With a strong background in design Jovan takes pride in work completed to perfection. Being involved in many of Sydney’s most exclusive and award winning projects, no matter how simple or intricate the work involved, the most outstanding results are achieved.


Tel: +612 8021 7806
Fax: +612 8016 0823

1445 NSW Australia